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Workers' Compensation Attorney
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Workers' Compensation Attorney Rochester Hills
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Workers' Compensation Attorney Rochester Hills

We Give You What You Need to Succeed

You’re responsible for managing your company’s workers’ compensation costs. It's your job to oversee discovery, understand the legal issues, and make the decision to go to trial or to settle. You need to make the right decision. You want defense attorneys who do thorough yet economical investigations that result in solid and innovative defenses. You need your lawyers to present the legal issues in a clear and understandable way. You demand from your legal counsel timely and specific assessments of the chances of prevailing at trial and on appeal.

For more than 35 years, MacArthur, MacArthur & Associates, P.C., have been giving their clients exactly that. Since 1976 our law firm has been helping our clients succeed at making the right decisions that result in lower workers’ compensation cost. These are clients just like you - risk managers, claims administrators, human resource managers and litigation adjusters who work for self-insured employers, high-deductible policy holders and insurance companies.

Thorough Investigations

Defenses to your workers’ compensation claims seldom come to you delivered on a silver platter. Rather, cost-saving defenses come as a result of doing the hard work of thoroughly, yet efficiently, investigating claims.

While the Michigan Workers’ Disability Compensation Act significantly limits traditional discovery methods, the defense law firm of MacArthur, MacArthur & Associates, P.C., has developed over the last three and a half decades industry-leading best practices for investigating workers’ compensation claims that allow us to dig deeper for you. And in today’s legal environment in Michigan, good things come to those who dig.

Medical Expertise

In order to find defenses to your Michigan workers’ compensation claims, you need someone who has a keen understanding of the nuances of modern medicine. Without that, key evidence will be missed and defenses lost. Whether its evidence of alternative, non-occupational causes for an alleged work-related diagnosis or clinical and diagnostic evidence that proves the allegedly injured worker is able to do more than he or she claims, the lawyers at MacArthur, MacArthur & Associates, P.C. have what it takes to wade through the sea of medical records to find the favorable medical evidence that would otherwise be missed.

In Michigan workers’ compensation law, it is critical that your medical defenses be supported by credible medical experts. The overused and worn out physician from the local doctor mill just won’t do. At MacArthur, MacArthur & Associates, P.C. we have developed professional relationships with doctors who spend most their time treating patients and teaching students at local medical schools. While our experts’ forensic practices are limited, the time they spend for us performing thorough evaluations of alleged injured employees is not. Our experts are well-prepared, credible and stand-up on cross examination by opposing counsel. That means credible medical defenses for us and reduced your workers’ compensation costs for you.

Return to Work Options

Michigan workers’ compensation law encourages employers to return injured employees to work. When done properly, this can be an effective means of reducing your workers’ compensation costs. But returning an injured employee to work isn’t your only option in Michigan any more. Recent case law and more recent amendments to the Michigan Workers’ Disability Compensation Act allow employers to take credit for a plaintiff’s wage-earning capacity- not just the wages he or she actually earns.

MacArthur, MacArthur & Associates, P.C., is on the cutting edge of developing these new vocational defenses so that you can take full advantage of these cost-saving measures and reduce the money you’re spending on workers’ compensation claims.

Clear Cut Legal Analyses

Workers’ Compensation laws vary dramatically from state to state. Whether you’re responsible for workers' compensation cases in multiple states or just Michigan, you want your defense attorney to frame the legal issues clearly and concisely.

The workers’ compensation defense attorneys at MacArthur, MacArthur & Associates, P.C. don’t ask you for blind trust- we want you to understand the legal issues so that you can be confident that your decision is the best one. That’s why we clearly and concisely document the law and your defenses in our litigation reports and gladly make ourselves available for telephone consultations and in-person meetings.

Timely and Accurate Exposure Assessments

Once we’ve locked in your defenses, it’s time to try to settle the case to avoid unnecessary litigation costs. But how much should you pay to settle the case? You don’t need ambiguous dissertations - you need specifics. MacArthur, MacArthur & Associates, P.C. gives you what you need. We provide you with specific percentages of the magistrate denying benefits, granting a closed award or granting an open award of benefits. We also provide you with the potential amount of any such awards. That means we can specify your exposure to an exact dollar figure. If plaintiff’s counsel refuses to settle for less than that figure, the decision to try the case is an easy one. And that’s a decision you can justify- not based on intuition or feelings – but on facts and hard numbers.

Sometimes counsel for the injured worker won’t talk settlement. Whether the plaintiff’s attorney is too busy with other cases or can’t get the plaintiff to take a realistic view of the case, it’s not fair that you have to incur ongoing litigation costs. The Michigan Workers’ Compensation magistrates strongly encourage the use of non-binding facilitation. The workers’ compensation defense attorneys at MacArthur, MacArthur & Associates, P.C. are strategic about using facilitation to get your case settled for the lowest possible sum so that you can avoid unnecessary litigation expenses.

Trial and Appeal

When an injured worker and his or her attorney won’t settle for a reasonable sum, the legal team at MacArthur, MacArthur & Associates, P.C. doesn’t hesitate to take the case to trial. That confidence comes from having conducted a thorough investigation that has led to solid factual, medical and vocational defenses. It also comes from having tried many cases and having a good reputation among the workers’ compensation magistrates and Michigan Compensation Appellate Commission.

We’re the Right Choice for You

Please consider joining our successful – and loyal – clients by contacting us today for a free consultation.


Workers' Compensation Attorney Rochester Hills

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